October 20, 2013

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is the beginning of the last week before fall break! I can’t believe how fast time is flying. Tomorrow’s agenda appears to be pretty bland and bleak as it seems to only contain studying and paper research. Midterms are upon me. Although on Monday I’m headed out on a field trip to the BBC! Super excited for that. 

Speaking of exciting things this weekend was all about exciting things. Before class on Thursday I caught up with my friend Nicole for a lunchtime friendship date. It was actually just meant to be a bakery date but we ended up having lunch at To A Tea. Very cute and open. I really like the decor and the found was decent. I got chicken and it was good albeit a bit dry. I had an apple shortcake for dessert and that was really good, nothing firework worthy but it held its own. After class I went and saw Once. I absolutely loved it! The music was mesmerizing and I found the story enchanting and lovely. I won’t say anything about the ending except, oh oh my heart. Honestly, if you haven’t seen it, GO, GO NOW. Yesterday, I went exploring Covent Garden again. I’m kind of obsessed and definitely in love. Unfortunately, I didn’t go until nearly five which means I missed Paul McCartney’s impromptu lunchtime concert. Silly me. Anyway, I’m completely enamored with Covent Garden, so far it may be my favorite place in the entire city. As a former dancer I love passing by the Royal Ballet School and the Royal Opera House. I might go see Don Quixote being performed and I’ll definitely be seeing The Nutcracker. Those are some opportunities that I definitely don’t want to be passing up. Last night I finally found the Capezio store, it was closed. Everything here closes early which I find seriously ridiculous. Ugh.  I passed a bunch of places that sold sweets but only one caught my attention enough to go in. Sweet Couture. I got an Oreo cupcake. I was impressed. The cupcake and the frosting were a bit to heavy for my liking but they were full of flavor but not overbearingly so and what impressed me the most is that even the actually cake part of it had Oreos and not just the frosting. Thumbs up. 

The most exciting part of the weekend, however, had to be today. A friend of mine from middle school, Alexandra, came up to visit me in London. Until today I hadn’t seen her in maybe two years. We just wandered around different parts of the city catching up but it was nice. I really do enjoy being able to reconnect with people and she’s honestly one of the nicest people I know. Luckily it didn’t much and for the most part waited until we were about to part from one another. She also brought me pumpkin. Huzzah! Really anyone who is friends with me on a social networking platform knows I’m freaking out about the lack of pumpkin in this strange land. 

A few other bits about life. There’s construction in the flat above ours. I don’t remember if I talked about this previously but man it is putting a damper on my lie ins. I WILL make it to skating on Tuesday [fingers crossed], the past few Tuesdays have been killer with course work and classes but I think I can manage this week. I realize that sounds strange considering this week is finals but I think my schedule will allow for it. I’m itching to get out of the city. Seriously itching though. November is definitely going to be the month for that! Forest of Dean, here I come. I noticed the trees in Soho Square today, it’s so weird that leaves haven’t begun to change yet! It feels really freaky. Ah!

Like I said tomorrow is mostly going to be a bore with the unfortunate responsibility of school nipping at my heels. Yuck. I’m hoping it downpours tomorrow so I feel better about having to stay inside. 

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October 15, 2013

Let me start off by saying, I know I’ve been terrible at updating but I’m procrastinator and avoider by nature and by heart. That being said I’m here now. 

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September 29, 2013

Today is just one of those days. I’m tucked away in my flat with what seems to be a mountain of homework and studying to do for the next couple of days. I have so much work that you’d think I was here for school or something??? Ha. It is truly hard to sit around and work on homework when you have an entire city at your fingertips. However, I do also seem to be coming down with something, running nose and sore throat? Is a cold on the way? I really hope not. I’m currently trying to drink as many cups of herbal tea as possible. So a cold and a pile of academic work to do? Sounds like a normal college Sunday, now if only I had an American football game to watch…

Ah yes, Friday was my trip to Cambridge. Without any friends to speak of, I took to wandering by myself for the most part. There was a market in the middle of town that I went to. Very, very cool. There were so many things I was tempted to buy but in the end I ended up coming out with a Little Richard vinyl that has a lot of sentimental value to me. There are a lot of little shops throughout the town selling anything and everything. I went to some clothes shops, tourist shops, book shops, and a lot of other places. I wandered into a music shop which reminded me of my desire to really learn how to play piano. I took a break in a beautiful park. The weather was warm but still very autumnal and the leaves there had already begun to change a bit particularly in the center of town. It’s completely picturesque, just imagine New England on crack (but I suppose that is the point then). I toured a few of the courtyards of some of the open colleges within the university on my own. I think I need to petition for my school to look like these schools. Then later as a school we went and looked at King’s College Chapel and some of the other parts of the college. The town is ridiculously beautiful and I’d love to go again. 

Yesterday, I did have some intention of getting work done but it didn’t really happen. I woke up late but did end up going out with the true intention of studying at Milkbar, but Milkbar was crowded. I ended up walking around Soho with my ridiculously heavy tote. Not fun. I did find another bakery from book of tea shops and bakeries. Their mocha was terrible and the cupcake was pretty good but was perhaps to overindulged with the frosting. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect cupcake here. 

As for now, it’s all about the work and the herbal tea. 

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September 26, 2013

Made my first trip to Soho today with one of my flatmates, Connie. Tucked into to one of the side streets is a brilliant Australian/Kiwi cafe, Milkbar. 

Best chai latte ever. 


Drinking that chai latte was like having a cathartic moment. It was divine. I don’t use that word lightly but this was absolutely divine. I will be back. It was also cheap, like 1 quid cheap. All about that.

That being said if you have recommendations for a place to get a chai latte that you think could top, let me know. #huntfortheperfectchailatte

After that we ended up in total hipster land. Vintage everywhere. We even stopped in at this basement vintage sale. I’ve never felt cooler. I was tempted to get a cheap vinyl but I resisted. They had some pretty good classic rock stuff though. I was thoroughly impressed. I did leave with a pretty ring though. We ended up at this bagel place that Connie was dying for. I wasn’t so impressed but so it goes when you’ve just had the best chai latte of your life. 

Right now, I’ve got the flat to myself. My knee is acting up or I’d go hang out somewhere and feel cool but my knee is in need of some serious rest! It gives the space to blast some Celine Dion (not about that Celine Dion hate nope). 

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Edinburgh by Andrew Ridley

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A Hyde Park/Kensington Gardens Photoset (Not sure what the difference is though…)

1.) Just a casually 500 feet from my flat. 

2-3.) One of a few strange fountains I stumbled upon. I’ve got a sort of fondness for this one now. 

4.) Solitary walk

5.) Bench dedications get me thinking. Loved this one in particular. 

6.) Bird sanctuary.

7-8.) Princess Diana tributes (fountain and walk respectively).

9.) Ended up across from Royal Albert Hall…

10.) After stumbling across this unexpectedly. But really, I didn’t see it coming. Incredible and incredibly terrifying. 

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A Christ Church Photoset

1.) “OMG COWS” Very excited I am about the cows. Photo creds to Nicole.

2.) A sign made specifically for me. Photo creds to Nicole. 

3.) “The leaves of the tree are for the healing of nations.” 

4.) The Great Hall

5-6.) Getting the closest I’ll ever get to going to Hogwarts

7.) Santa?

8.) Getting my Jesus on. 

9.) We’re not Protestant, can you tell?

10.) Christ Church (College). Oxford University. 

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Photoset of Blenheim Palace and Oxford

1.) Blenheim Palace

2.) And that’s where Winston Churchill was born (you can’t really see but they also have locks of his hair on the headboard)

3.) Protestant chapel

4.) Arrival in Oxford, right outside of Christ Church College (that would be the Harry Potter place).

5-6.) Perhaps Mr. Tumnus and Aslan? Perhaps the inspiration for Narnia? the world may never know (but chances are yes).

7.) Creepy head on a post

8.) “An education in intoxication.” Also, Nicole.

9.) We stumbled upon a cute little courtyard…

10.) That had a graveyard attached to it. 

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1.) BBC Symphony Orchestra preparing for The Rite of Spring at the Barbican.
2.) Cupcake from Bea’s of Bloomsbury
3.) Outside of Westminster and Big Ben (which is not the clock by the way, but the name of the bell inside. Photo creds to Claire!
4.) Big Ben solo
5.) Oliver Cromwell
6.) Description of skates made from bones! Can’t imagine skating on those.
7.) The skates. Seen at the Museum of London
8.) Part of the old city wall in London. Also seen at the Museum of London.
9.) Mid day trip to the Barbican. They have a beautiful waterway and fountains outside. The whole place is incredible.

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September 25, 2013

I’m back ladies and gents, 

I swear I kept meaning to write but man was I busy/tired. So I last wrote last Monday. Oh wow oh. Last week I just did the class thing (which did include a visit to the National Gallery) because my weekend was filled with some pretty exciting stuff so I wanted to conserve my energy. Also, if I did anything I’m totally forgetting about it. My head’s is pretty stuffed. 

Note: I did spend a morning (Wednesday, the 18th) moving between the National Gallery and the Museum of London. They are both wonderful. I’ll probably go back to the Museum of London during the weekend because I didn’t get through nearly enough of it!


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